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What can I say about Sandi but: WOW! She is truly an inspiration and so easy to talk to! Sandi truly has a special gift. The seminar she lead for our network was the safe space she claimed it would be and we are all so much more informed and inspired. She has helped us down our PATH to reconciliation.
– Ontario Museum Network

I was VERY lucky to be in Sandi’s presentation when I attended Lakehead University FoBSA and B.O.S.S’s Equality in Business: Learning From Influential Women event. She gave an AMAZING & motivational speech about inspiring students with pursuing their aspirations and trusting in yourself as a leader to make a difference in your community. Sandi’s compelling personality and confidence throughout her presentation really made her stand out as a speaker and most importantly, as a leader. I highly recommend Sandi for her speaking!
– Business Student, Confederation College

Sandi is a prolific writer and engaging speaker who creates safe spaces to discuss hard realities that can no longer be ignored. The body of Sandi’s work is a waterfall of words that washes over audiences and challenges them to question their thoughts and change their behaviour. As a heart-centred equity advocate, Sandi invites people to engage in essential conversations out of which they will leave with new actionable perspectives.- Kimberley John-Morgan, DEI Content Writer & Educator

Sandi is a phenomenal teacher and speaker. She is engaging, thoughtful, down-to-earth, and very open. She provides a unique lens, a unique perspective, based on her knowledge, experience, culture in her teachings. She creates a safe space for non-Indigenous learners to ask questions, and provides guidance with a human touch for learners of all ages and educational backgrounds. Highly recommend!
– Teacher, CEGEP John Abbott College

Sandi gave a phenomenal speech at LU FoBSA’s Equality in Business: Learning from Influential Women event. I knew she would be the perfect person to represent Indigenous voices and inspire our students going into the workplace. Sandi used her own life story to inspire our students to take chances, grow, and be the best people they can be. She spoke with great energy and confidence, and the teachings that she provided us with are ones that will stick with me for a long time.
– Faculty of Business Student’s Assoc. Lakehead University

Thank you Sandi for the inspirational and empowering keynote presentation. We learned a ton and we’d love to learn more. Your #NDTR presentation helped me understand the past and the present. I also loved your points/recos on how we can be part of the cause moving forward. You definitely created a #safespace during your 45 min presentation. Thanks for your content. I highly recommend Sandi if you’re looking for an amazing indigenous keynote speaker!
– Havas Canada

Yesterday’s workshop flew-by, and was fantastic – full of accessible insight, wisdom, even humour at times, and truly a ‘safe space’ for our team and network to expand our comfort with being uncomfortable, on this journey of reconciliation of a million+ steps. I highly recommend all workplaces across Canada consider investing in at least one workshop with Sandi Boucher! It’s long overdue.
– EcoSuperior

Sandi’s presentation was inspiring, informative, and transformative! Truly phenomenal! In a safe space that she created and maintained, she shared with us her knowledge, ideas, and tools that were invaluable and thought provoking. I really appreciated and admired Sandi for being so positive, open, and down to earth.
– Nursing Instructor CEGEP John Abbott College

Sandi recently gave a keynote address at our teachers conference. The accolades continue to roll in from our staff! Sandi’s powerful words and thoughtful responses to questions resonated with us. Reconciliation is not an easy path for anyone, so having a guide such as Sandi is a must as we navigate the journey together. Her words of recognition and truth had a huge impact on many of us, and I cannot recommend her enough. I look forward to working with you again, Sandi! Îsniyes, many thanks.
– Stoney Education Authority

I am so thrilled that we were able to celebrate and honour National Indigenous Peoples Day with an engagement on Truth & Reconciliation: Things to Consider with Sandi. The overwhelming positive feedback is still coming in, some people said it was the most impactful session they have ever attended. Sandi’s ability to create safe spaces and the way she uses examples and metaphors is extremely powerful, I have taken so many nuggets from the time we had together, there were so many impactful insights shared, and I look forward to having Sandi back with us again for another session! – Vanessa Jocko, Stakeholder Advisor, Shell

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