As Sandi has told her audiences for years, “Reconciliation is a journey!”


The needs of a corporation, a small business, a non-profit entity, a municipality, or a First Nation community are rarely addressed IN FULL with one seminar or workshop. Training is essential to understanding and growth but so is support in addressing immediate business or staffing challenges.

To better meet the needs of those she serves, Sandi created FLEX CONSULTING, an all-encompassing plan offering both a wide range of training and the access to guidance employers crave.

Flex Consulting includes:

  • Monthly training, pre-recorded, emailed directly to your staff, requiring no extra work from your manager or HR team.
  • Up to TEN hours of consulting per month, addressing your immediate questions and concerns
  • A FULL YEAR of support and training, commencing at whatever point during the year you choose to sign up.

    Training topics are relevant and timely, including:

    January – The PATH to Reconciliation (a great refresher or place to start)
    February – How to Create Safe Space (for multicultural environments)
    March – Indigenous Engagement 101 (what you need to know)
    April – Indigenous Recruitment
    May – Indigenous Retention
    June – The Four Biggest Employer Challenges
    July – Missing Pieces of Information (Part One)
    August – Missing Pieces (Part Two)
    September – Missing Pieces (Part Three)
    October – Missing Pieces (Part Four)
    November – Inappropriate Terms and Phrases
    December – The Benefits of Allyship

    Download the Information Guide or phone/email for more information.

    Sandi is here, waiting to support your reconciliation journey!

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