Sandi Boucher’s One-on-One Speaker’s Academy provides SIX MONTHS of practical instruction ensuring graduates leave with not only the knowledge but the PRODUCTS they need to thrive in the Speaking Industry.

Based on Sandi Boucher’s own wisdom and experience, participants will learn how to create and market keynote speeches, half-day workshops, and full-day seminars to their desired target audience all via ONE ON ONE training.  With detailed templates and Sandi’s ongoing encouragement, graduates will be fully equipped to carry on Sandi’s legacy long after she is gone.

And some may even join her in her work until that time comes.

Are you one of those speakers?

24 Weeks of Instruction

Instruction is virtual (via Zoom) and includes one 3-hour Zoom training session with Sandi each week.  Participants are then expected to use the balance of the week to complete the assigned tasks.  Further support, instruction, or encouragement can be obtained from Sandi by email or if needed, a subsequent Zoom session. Presentation of work will be done at the beginning of the next 3-hour training session.

Training is ONE on ONE to ensure the advice applies to the dream YOU have!  The Academy runs throughout the year with new participants signing on continuously but participants will only be accepted as time and Sandi’s own speaking schedule allows (first come, first serve).

Participants may withdraw anytime prior to the fourth week of instruction for a partial refund.  No refund will be given after that time.


Week 1: Your Vision

Week 2:  Your Mission

Week 3:  Your Values & Principles

Week 4: How to Create a Workshop/Seminar/Keynote

Week 5: Workshop #1

Week 6: Presentations/Feedback

Week 7: Workshop #2

Week 8: Presentations/Feedback

Week 9: Seminar #1

Week 10: Presentations/Feedback

Week 11: Seminar #2

Week 12:  Presentations/Feedback

Week 13: Keynote #1

Week 14:  Presentations/Feedback

Week 15:   Keynote #2

Week 16: Presentations/Feedback

Week 17:  Your Website

Week 18:  Your Facebook Business Profile

Week 19: LinkedIn Profile

Week 20:  YouTube

Week 21: Targets & Goal Setting

Week 22: Booking/Invoicing/Contracts

Week 23: Joining Sandi’s Network

Week 24: Graduation



Participants receive an official Speaker’s Bio, a Speaker’s One Sheet and a Rider Template for them to use in their Inspirational Speaking business (value of $450).  Further, graduates receive ONE YEAR of unlimited support via email, phone, or Zoom from Sandi herself (at one hour a week that is a $10,000 value) and an introduction to Sandi’s customer base via an email blast announcing their speaking business with a HIGH LIKELIHOOD of bookings (potentially generating revenue in the thousands!).


To enroll in the Inspirational Speaker’s Academy, simply click the button below.  You will be taken to the Shop where you will be able to pay the enrollment fee.  Sandi will personally contact you within 2 business days to welcome you to the Academy and gather your personal information.  Your training will start the following week with your first 3-hour training session.


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