Introducing ... "Through Indigenous Eyes" Membership Program

Imagine being able to walk in an Indigenous-centered space with no fear of saying or doing the wrong thing.  Imagine (for the Indigenous), a learning portal that just feels like home.

THAT is what you will experience with Sandi’s All-Inclusive Membership or what we like to call “TIE” (short for “Through Indigenous Eyes” Membership Program), a rare training space created and presented through Indigenous eyes.

A Personal Note ...

Here is a personal note from Sandi herself, explaining why she created the TIE Program:

“Non-Indigenous ask us all the time, ‘If it is so bad in the communities, why do you keep going back?'”

“The answer is simple – it’s home.  There we do not need to explain why we see things the way we do, why certain things hurt us more than other.  There we are surrounded by people who get it.  But Indigenous-centered spaces are SO incredibly rare outside of our communities.  So I wanted to create one, here, online.  A space where Indigenous felt comfortable and non-Indigenous could learn without the power to hurt us.”

“Welcome to Through Indigenous Eyes.”


A Safe Space for All

When Sandi Boucher created the “Through Indigenous Eyes Membership Program” she envisioned participants sitting at a sacred fire together.

There they would hear the teachings within:

  • Sandi’s 2022 Daily Musings (ONLY available here)
  • The 52 Steps to Reconciliation Video Series
  • Sandi’s 2023 Daily Musings (soon to be exclusive here)
  • The PATH to Reconciliation Video Course (including Action Plans for both Indigenous and non-Indigenous)
  • The Learning Curve Video Series (Sandi’s past television show)
  • Motivational Anishinaabe Messages & Teachings
  • Sandi’s own Personal Power Principles rooted in Anishinaabe Teachings
  • The PATH Away from Lateral Violence Video Course
  • and so much more coming in 2024!

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