The Healing Power of Tears

Excuse the expression, but … it never ceases to amaze me how often non- Natives fight back their tears. If you have the instinct to do something as natural as crying, why in GOD’s NAME would you fight it?

Anishinaabe know to cry is to heal. We know that the longer you hold in those tears, the longer your healing will take, and the longer you will carry your pain. We hold our sharing circles and allow each, in turn, to cry if need be. We let them know we are close by. We pass them a tissue, but we would never consider interfering and stopping their healing. Hugs are generous after the tears, but not during. A hug during these tears often causes them to stop prematurely. Again, we are here to heal not to retard that process.

The healing power of tears is powerful and cleansing as it is meant to be and you know this to be true. Think back to how much lighter you feel after a good cry? Exhausted? Yes, healing is exhausting, but think of the weight you were carrying prior to letting it go. Aren’t you glad you finally listened to what your body has needed for so long?

Today my friend, release your pain and cry. Find a friend to sit with you, one who will allow you to cry. Call out to those who have hurt you and share your pain. They need not be in the room for your healing to take place. All that is required … is to let it out.

You are not alone. I am here. Don’t you think it’s time to cry?
I love you!