The PATH (Video Course & Book)

A virtual version of Sandi’s incredibly popular live event, “The PATH Video Seminar” is based on Sandi’s latest book by the same name. Providing an ACTION PLAN for moving forward, this book not only explains what is needed for indigenous/Canadian reconciliation but HOW to achieve it.

Humourous at times, informative always, this seminar is meant to spark a conversation – first in your own mind (as you unpack what you were unwittingly handed) and then, with that person you have wanted to build a bridge with. Learn where you are presently and how to advance through FOUR distinct PATH stages using the four essential tools we all need to carry! Perfect for teachers, counsellors, leadership, activists, or anyone who wishes to dance on the walls that divide us.

The course video and manual are provided via download along with a PDF of Sandi’s book “The PATH” to ensure participants have all the resources to continue on their reconciliation journey.

  • A USB version is also available, upon request, to ensure access to all.
  • DO NOT USE THIS FORM FOR USB OR BULK PURCHASES. Instead, simply email us your desired order at sandi@sandiboucher.com


What customers are saying:

As a non-Indigenous Canadian wanting to do my part in Reconciliation, I was very interested in this seminar and the corresponding book, and it exceeded my expectations! Sandi lays the steps out so clearly and accessibly, and takes away a lot of the confusion around what it means to build bridges and relationships between our communities. Plus, Sandi advocates empowerment for EVERYONE, and not once did I feel shamed or blamed – despite acknowledging the harmful history. Sandi’s approach is friendly, honest, and inclusive. A lot of my questions were answered, and I have a clear direction on what my next steps are. Overall, I feel much more equipped and knowledgeable about how to approach Reconciliation, and would highly recommend this seminar.

– Robyn W.