The Day That Changed Everything (Video Course)

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Based on Sandi’s first and most powerful seminar “A Day That Can Change Everything”, this course is designed specifically for those who wish to heal from a past that they just cannot seem to break free of. Filled with tips, tricks, enthusiasm and support, THIS SEMINAR truly can and will make a difference!

Spread out over 15 modules, this course is provided via download.

  • A USB version is also available, upon request, to ensure access to all.
  • Instead, simply email us your desired order at sandi@sandiboucher.com


What customers are saying:

I LOVED THIS COURSE!! It taught me so much about myself. Everything that has been negative in my life can be turned into a positive lesson. Sandi always asked how we were doing and she wanted us to say awesome, every video she asked and she made us yell at our computer. I wasn’t doing it at first but then I started to do it and it actually made me feel awesome! She made me realize that the things around me play a big part in my past and for my future, I am now more aware of my surroundings. I thought that the challenges in my life were a bad thing but now I know that they were lessons. I am going to take the master detective into perspective, and not think why me but what is the lesson here! I am going to tell that voice inside my head to shut up! A negative can always become a positive!

Thank you so much for this course! ?



OMG I really really enjoyed this course. A lot of it was about me which was hard at first but then it got easeier. It made me want to listen to you all day long. What really resognated with me was a couple of things. I really loved the part on puzzle pieces, how we choose our puzzle pieces but also that some are chosen for us that we dont choose. But it up to us to keep them or discard them. The saying “everything happens for a reason” I really believe that. I never did befrore, until I failed a placement for ECE course. IF I didnt fail i would never been working here. I believe everythin I have been though made me a stonger person I am today. So I guess what resonated was puzzle pieces and flipping the coin. I flipped the coin on some stuff and made them into postive rather than negitive and it seems to be working. I would reccomend this course, it is very informative.




I have just completed the training for “The day that changed everything!” I truly enjoyed every part of it and I had to turn off the videos, reflect and write! I am grateful for the wonderful opportunity to use these tools as life can be tough especially in these times of lockdown with COVID.

My score for the Meca Life Strategy is 143, I have been working on all of these things for awhile ..my motto is: I am not better than anyone, rather I will try to be and do better than I did yesterday! In closing, I want to say Kitchi Miigwetch for your powerful stories, insights and for the calling you have an amazing gift, you are Awesome!

Miigwetch stay safe,