Further Downstream …

You have heard me say it before, life is a river. There are beautiful trees and calm, amazingly clear waters, rapids, and waterfalls. Rough water is not a personal attack on you, or Creator trying to stall your progress. It simply ‘is’ but today I realized the second ‘layer’ (if you will) to this teaching.

You see, as we traverse down the river, we encounter the obstacles as described, but what we often forget … is our skill level. We are not the novice setting his canoe in the water for the first time. Our arms are strong from having paddled a long way to get to this point. We are skilled in steering our canoe to the right or to the left, as needed, as we have done it many times in the past. Now sometimes we grow tired, and the canoe veers in directions we didn’t want it to go, but that’s okay. With our skills and our strength, we pull it back on course and smile at how much easier it is to correct small transgressions each time they occur.

These rapids may be bigger than the last set, but they are still simply rapids, requiring the same skills and focus to traverse as the last set. And the beautiful calm pool on the other side, no bigger, no calmer than the last, but perhaps a little more beautiful simply because we have done so much more to earn it.

This life, this river will always have its challenges, but at forty we don’t look at an unexpected bill with the panic of a twenty-year-old. We giggle at the leak in the roof and shake our heads at the flat tire. Annoying? Perhaps. Monumental challenge? I think not. We are built to handle so much more than that.

Our job is simple. Pack a good canoe, rest our bones and muscles so they can deliver their best performance when required, and never, ever forget to notice just how beautiful the journey is when we believe and enjoy all Creator has given us.

Enjoy the land. Breathe slowly and calmly as we look at the still water. Stand TALL, strong, and proud, as we hear the rush of the rapids. We are strong! We are not victims. We are skilled warriors, and the river awaits!
I love you!